S-5 Modular shelving system

S5-Modular Shelving System is a multi-functional shelving system for all types of storage requirements.

It offers the best solution for an unlimited range of storage applications with manually handled light to heavy loads, small and medium-sized goods, bulky components and a multi-tie racking system complete with mezzanine floors.


  • Fast and rapid assembly as most components are secured to one another.
  • Increases storage. capacity by simply adding additional shelves without the use of sophisticated tools.
  • With its modular design and perfect stability, a multi-tier installation can be extended at a later date.
  • Can be extended in height, length and width.
  • Excellent loading capacity.
  • Very versatile solutions to meet rapidly changing logistics.
  • Wide range of accessories and components such as dividers, doors, clothes hangers, horizontal beams, and side and back cladding can be adapted into the system.
  • Any storage needs from folders to boxes, parts, clothing and heavy loads.

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