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With decades of experience refining our designs, we offer a range of innovative and high-quality racks, steel doors and complete storage solutions for your warehouse



Every component of the SKB SafetyLock system has been designed and engineered to fit the most stringent design criteria.

Maximises space utilisation


From light-duty shelves to heavy-duty pallet racking catered for small storage facilities to large-scale warehouses.

Automated warehouse solutions


The SmartSat Radio Shuttle storage handling system is a hybrid of traditional storage retrieval methods and advanced technology that would increase efficiency and space utilisation in the warehouse.

Workers health is key


Emphasise on safety in both storage racks manufacturing and end-user specific needs and requirements.

SAFETYLOCK racking and handling systems includes S5 Modular Shelving System, Easy Slide Mobile Rack, Boltless Racking, Two-Tier Boltless Racking, Selective Pallet Racking, Multi-tier Shelving System, Structural Steel Platform, Double-deep Pallet Racking, VNA(Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking, Drive-in Pallet Racking, Cantilever System, Pallet Flow Rack, Push Back Pallet Racking, Longspan Shelving, Raised Storage Systems and DIY Speed Rack.

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ASRS, Shuttle and Pallet Flow Systems

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Since it was established in 1957, we have grown from strength to strength, from a small-scale family manufacturing business to the largest and forward-vision manufacturer and supply of roller shutters, steel doors, storage racking and handling systems and customised architectural facades including high-speed doors, etc.

SKB Shutters Corporation Berhad, a holding company of SKB Shutters and SKB Storage Industries, was listed on the Bursa Malaysia in 2001. At the heart of SKB Shutters’ success is its uncompromising demand for the finest quality. This is evident in its impressive production facilities set in 50,000 square meter modern steel structural at Kota Damansara, Selangor which is about 20 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur city center. With a workforce of over 280 employees, SKB manufactures and supplies both locally in Malaysia and abroad including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Australia, and many more.

SKB is also a Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) in Malaysia and is certified as an ISO9001:2015.

The assurance that SKB Shutters is heading in the right direction is evident in its achievement of world-class quality that exceeds the highest international standards. The 2000 International Invention and Innovative Award, Malaysia International Trade & Industries, and The Best Brands Award for consecutively 16 years from 2007 to 2023 in the Asia Pacific is such a milestone in the annals of SKB Shutters, proving that the Company’s standard of Research and Development has indeed surpassed world expectations.


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Enhanced Safety and Durability

The Engineering
Behind SAFETYLOCK Storage Solutions

Engineered SafetyLock Frames

Designed for peak structural integrity and safety, these frames utilise an upright shape optimised through extensive testing for the highest steel efficiency.

Optimised Beam Connection

The connection slot in the beam has been strategically minimised to cut down on steel removal, enhancing safety margins and resistance to damage.

High-Grade Bracing

SafetyLock frame bracing, made from top-quality steel, employs a specially rolled-lipped channel to ensure maximum frame stiffness and strength.

Standards for Load Beam

SafetyLock Load Beams are engineered to withstand a maximum deflection ratio of 1/200 under full load, ensuring reliable performance.

Superior Connector Design

With a 4mm thickness and additional steel in the hooks, these connectors boast a 50% higher shear strength compared to market alternatives.

Uniform Bracing

Frames are consistently braced from bottom to top without altering the spacing or reducing bracing components, ensuring uniform strength.

Tested Load Beam Safety

The beams, especially the 85mm by 2591mm size, were tested for over 2:1 safety factor against buckling under heavy loads

Reliable Load Beam Locking

Equipped with Locking Pins, SafetyLock Load Beams offer superior safety against accidental dislodgement compared to traditional spring-on safety devices.

Robust Boxed Beams

Constructed from interlocked steel channels, the reinforced corners resist opening, maximising durability against impacts and overloading.

Enhanced Beam

SafetyLock Connectors enhance connection strength under heavy loads, prevent jamming, and handle uneven loads.

Heavy Duty Base Plates

Base plates with wrap-around protectors for optimal floor safety, load balance, and system leveling, tailored to specific requirements.