Pallet flow rack system (FIFO)

This system is similar to Push Back System except loads are generally deposited on one side and flow gently to the other. In many ways, a Flow Rack is like a conveyor within a rack structure. Flow racks are used for both cartons and pallets. There may be many units deep. Most applications are where the carton or pallet at the front is going to be picked from, and the ones behind are reserved storage. By achieving high-density, dynamic storage, Flow Racks offer excellent payback. As well, they help keep people at a safe distance from the forklifts that are replenishing the racks.


  • ­Automatic control by date.
  • ­Automatic control by quantity.
  • ­First-in-First-Out (FI-FO).
  • ­Permanent inventory control.
  • ­Guaranteed dynamic inventory (not static).

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