Double-deep pallet racking system

­­SKB Double Pallet Racking is an alternative to selective pallet racking with storage of two pallets deep instead of one. The Double-deep Pallet Racking requires the use of special pallet handling equipment catered with deeper forks such as the reach truck. A necessary counterbalance on the truck needs to be considered for these types of racking. While pallet storage increases up to 30% more than selective pallet racking, selectivity is reduced as it limits accessibility to the inner pallet.


  • ­Average stock rotation.
  • Average order picking. Only 50% selectivity; slow picking rate.
  • Good product protection. Each pallet is supported by beams.
  • Average floor area utilization.
  • 60% Floor utilization of overall warehouse area.
  • Upper levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist in locating pallets.


  • ­Upright profiles are made of high tensile steel and very rigid. These are then bolted to form the stable frame using horizontal and diagonal struts.
  • 2mm perforations.
  • Large Footplates ensure even distribution of load to floor.
  • Upright lug pitch 76.2mm Upright width come in 80, 90, 105mm and various thickness.
  • Longitudinal beams welded with 4-hook clips. Guarantee a positive connection to the uprights.
  • Box Beams come in 85, 95, 105, 125, 140mm to cater for different loading capacity requirement.
  • Supplied with locking pin to prevent the beam from being lifted out accidentally.

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